(The Promise Two Timer x Rosmel's Misty Ride)
WPCSA No. A50581 
EVA/CEM negative
PSSM1 negative
Color gene tested: Ee aa N/Cr D/nd1 Rn/N

   "Traveler" is a 2013 12.1h Section A Welsh Pony. He is proven and has sired many beautiful offspring, including our own junior stallion, Traveler's Midnight Moonshine. He is currently in training under saddle and in harness and shows a natural love and ability for jumping. His temperament is calm, respectful, and sweet. He is handled easily by a seven-year-old girl regularly and prefers to bond closely with one or two of his favorite humans.

   He is color gene tested by U.C. Davis and is smoky grullo roan (grullo/dun roan carrying cream.) If you are looking to produce a foal with immense color possibilities then he is a very good candidate! 

   Traveler is available only via frozen semen, as he was gelded in February 2020. WPCSA Frozen Semen Permit No. 321.