Our Story

Ffenics Farm is a 52-acre family-run farm/homestead that is located in Richmond, Maine. The property is a combination of pasture, meadows, forest, and river frontage. There is a very diverse and healthy ecosystem on the property and we steward the land to best preserve the wildlife and native plants, while still fulfilling the needs of our family and animals. We came into the ownership of the property in 2018, after selling a smaller property in Durham, Maine that was inadequate for our desire to live a life closer to nature and our increasing interest in homesteading and farming. The property is nestled in seclusion at the end of a 1/4 mile driveway off of a dead-end road. Our little piece of heaven, in a fast-paced world, where family and friends are always welcome.

Like many families in recent years, owning a farmstead is a new chapter in our lives. Previously, we were both active-duty military, and often separated for months or years at a time, and in places far separated from each other. After the birth of our only daughter, we made the difficult decision to not re-enlist after our current commitments were completed. We wanted to ensure that we would always be there for our daughter, which was next to impossible while on active duty. Additionally, we both were starting to experience the wear and tear on our minds and bodies that, if continued, would greatly affect our quality of life indefinitely. We decided that, as a family, it was our time to finally explore our dreams and desires that we had put on hold for so long.

Our Mission 
Ffenics Farm's mission isn't just about breeding great welsh ponies. In fact, that's just a small part about what we do here. It's about following your dreams, making the most of what you have, and re-connecting with the natural world around you. Because let's face it... Life is too short to ignore the things that make your heart full and bring you peace at the end of the day.

What We Offer

"Okay...BUT...Just tell me about the PONIEEES!"


We are a very small scale breeder and we offer one or two foals for sale each year. Additionally, we have two excellent Welsh Mountain Pony stallions at stud via a limited amount of frozen semen breeding doses. Those breeding doses were collected, analyzed, stored, and shipped (U.S. and Canada) through Select Breeders Services. For more information, please enquire.